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Our Story

Who are we?

Chetan, a former corporate type and Vandita, a psychologist, had worked in the city for decades – both in India and the US. We moved to a small village in the Nainital district (near Mukteshwar) in 2015 and have been working from the mountains ever since. We’ve also written a guide on how to pick your “work from mountain” destination.

After travelling much of the world and living abroad for several years, we’ve chosen to call the Himalayas home. We left an Indian metropolis for the mountains in 2015, and love our life here.

The better half of the two is a US-licensed Clinical Psychologist, and the author of the book “ Parenting in the Age of Sexposure”. You can learn more about her here. The worse half – by deduction – is also a published author and a former business type who blogs about living in the mountains here. Together we conduct and host many events of the Himalayan Writing Retreat.  We live at the Quiet Place with our two kids, two dogs, some hens and broadband.

We don’t live here in isolation. In fact, we are part of a vibrant community of thoughtful NGOs, companies and people. 5 km down the road from us is Aarohi, an NGO with a strong focus on healthcare. They run a small hospital and do much to provide good healthcare in many parts of Kumaon. Chirag is another NGO which also runs the fabulous Chirag School and does much work for greening the place, maintaining our limited water resources and much more. A younger organization is Alaap which works on afforestation. B2R is a social enterprise and also our neighbour. B2R questions the paradigm of urban migration by creating jobs and opportunities in the villages around.  We try and use as many products as possible from these organizations and promote the wonderful work they do.  Many of our guests also graciously support many of these organizations in a variety of ways.

Sustainable living

  • We have put in great effort to make our premises as eco-friendly as possible. We have tried to construct in such a way that the natural contours of the land, trees and shrubs are left as untouched as possible.
  • Our main building and service unit are constructed using AAC blocks – an approved eco-friendly building material that uses industrial waste, is non-toxic and non-allergic with good thermal and acoustic properties.
  • All the pine, cedar, shisham, sal and tun wood used in our buildings is sourced from local, government-certified agencies. Most of the wood has an environmentally safe and sustainable Tung oil finish.
  • Our mud cottages (local cob-style construction) are non-polluting and recyclable. They provide a healthy, breathable and comfortable living environment.
  • From the unfinished, insect-repelling, fragrant, Himalayan cedar wood (a.k.a Deodhar) furniture and woven waste paper baskets to the Kalamkari fabric of the curtains – most items in the guest rooms are handmade from natural materials. As far as possible, we have sourced locally and from craftspersons, directly.
  • We recycle most of the water that we use and harvest rainwater. As this is a water-deficient area and the municipal water supply is limited, we are unable to offer a daily change of bed linen or towels. Sheets and towels are changed once in 4 days. However, if you need a change of sheets or towels, please do let us know. We will be happy to provide a fresh set.

Village Satkhol, Dist. Nainital
Uttarakhand, India
+91 76688 05286