Stay Here. Work from here.

Our main house rooms both have large windows with great views. Each has direct access from the outside and also opens into a common living room. This makes it great for a group / family which needs two rooms. One of the Main house rooms has a bay window with an 8 foot glass which offers an incredible dawn view. The other has a dawn view and a North view of the snow capped peaks. 

Dawn room – bay window

Dawn – pic 2

Main house room – sitout

All meals are served as a buffet three times a day in the Book lounge (pics below). This space also doubles up as the Hangout space through the day. 

Book Lounge

Book Lounge

But when the weather is great , we prefer to “eat out”. 

And that can look like this. 

Sitout with a view. And wifi, of course.

Chhole. Bhature. Pahad.

The rooms have wood floors, each with an attached bathroom. The furniture is made of Deodhar (Cedar) wood. A fragrant wood when left unpolished Deodhar is also a natural insect repellent. 

Dusk Pic 1

Dusk pic 2

‚ÄčThe living room that both the Main house rooms open into.