Stay Here. Work from here.

Our cobb cottages are from the earth, and probably the most eco-friendly construction technology out there. Their rustic charm enhances their beauty and you feel more connected to nature in your stay with us. Each Cobb cottage is independent with its own private sit-out and attached bath.

Cobb cottages at dawn

Cobb cottage exterior

Cobb cottage exterior 2

The rooms are built entirely of mud (except the bathrooms, which are brick with tiled interior). Each rooms has large windows opening in every direction. The furniture is made of Deodhar (Cedar) wood. A fragrant wood when left unpolished Deodhar is also a natural insect repellent.

Cobb Cottage – upper

Cobb Cottage – upper

All Guests eat the buffet-style meals in the Book Lounge. the more social folks also also hang out here in the evenings. (Pics below)

Book Lounge

Book Lounge

Cobb cottage – lower

Cobb Cottage Washroom

Cobb Cottage Lower

To book please email or call / whatsApp 9717615666.