The Quiet Place

Every place in the Himalayas is beautiful. That is the beauty of the mountains. We're lucky to have our little corner of heaven,  which we share with our guests. Our little orchard is on a ridge surrounded by green solitude. It is a great antidote to fear, crowds and the claustrophobia of red zones. 

Sometimes we think the five-star ratings we enjoy on tripadvisor (click here) is for the view, and not the service or homely comfort we offer. Here are some samples of the view from our place - click on the images to enlarge them. (You might want a big screen).

Dawn on a clear day

The Quiet Place, surrounded by woods and greenery

The Quiet Place in the Foreground. The Quiet Giants in the background.

The Quiet Place

Cloud Lake from the Quiet Place

Hello, winter !

The stars that left the city

Every dawn and dusk brings magical colors here, and always touches something deep within. Here, you can live without fear, move around freely. You can play badminton, or spend time on the basketball half court on our property. If you prefer long walks, head to the forest reserve, which is just 2 kms away. It's a well kept secret few know about, but teems in wildlife such as Jackals, sambar, barking deer, wild boar, and leopards.

The quiet place is a favourite with creative people, and is the venue for all the events of the Himalayan Writing Retreat. You can see the ratings of the retreat here.

Ours is a full-service boutique hotel. We are small with just six rooms spread across our estate. All meals are served as a buffet, and each room has its own kettle, tea / coffee provisions, attached bathroom with Hot water. All meals, snacks and tea are included in the price.  We have two broadband connections, but the access can be a little patchy - say 95% uptime or so.  We grow some of our own food and herbs, and source much locally, supporting local businesses and NGOs (see "About & Around us" below).

We don't believe we own the planet - we're just borrowing it for a while. So we compost our organic waste. We try and keep our consumption of packaged goods to a minimum. Whatever trash we generate, we dispose of responsibly. Water is precious here, and we recycle our water in multiple ways.  Four of our six guest rooms are made of mud, with the smallest carbon footprint possible. We encourage all our guests to use minimal plastic. When you stay with us we request that you also follow a "leave no trace" approach.

We are currently taking bookings but expect guests to follow the travel protocol defined by the Government under Unlock 2.0. We prefer long stay bookings. To book, please email or send us a WhatsApp message on 9717615666.

More about the Quiet place

We are not professional hoteliers but are happy to share our small piece of paradise with our guests who are looking for cozy quiet and inspiration.

We have put in great effort to make our premises as eco-friendly as possible. We have tried to construct in such a way that the natural contours of the land, trees and shrubs are left as untouched as possible. Our main building and service unit is constructed using AAC blocks - an approved eco-friendly building material that uses industrial waste, is non-toxic and non-allergic with good thermal and acoustic properties.

All the pine, cedar, shisham, sal and tun wood used in our buildings is sourced from local, government certified agencies. Most of the wood has the environmentally safe and sustainable Tung oil finish. Our mud cottages (local cob style construction) are non-polluting and recyclable. They provide a healthy, breathable and comfortable living environment.

From the unfinished, insect repelling, fragrant, Himalayan cedar wood (a.k.a Deodhar) furniture and woven waste paper baskets to the Kalamkari fabric of the curtains - most items in the guest rooms are handmade from natural materials. As far as possible, we have sourced locally and from craftspersons, directly.

We recycle most of the water that we use and harvest rainwater. As this is a water deficient area and the municipal water supply is limited, we are unable to offer a daily change of bed linen or towels. Clean bed linen and towels are provided at the beginning of every 3-4 day workshop. For guests who stay longer, sheets and towels are changed once in every three days. However, if you need a change of sheets or towels, please do let us know. We will be happy to provide a fresh set.

We live in a rural area and the electric supply can be unpredictable. We have solar water heaters and solar electricity backup that feeds the library/lounge and guest rooms in the main house. We have provided backup lamps in the cottages. On a cold day, we light the bukhari in the lounge to make it a cosy space for sessions or hanging out. We will also provide you with hot water bottles on such nights. But, please do not hesitate to ask for a hot water bottle at any other time of the year. We would like you to be warm and comfortable.

We keep our premises clean. However, please be mindful of the fact that we do share this earth and our green surroundings with other animals, birds and insects. If any should stray into your room, please let us know. We would also urge you to spend a little time observing and admiring the beautiful colours of the butterflies, moths, other bugs and birds. You may hear the barking deer on occasion along with different kinds of bird-song.

We do not have a municipal waste disposal system here. We compost all organic waste and recycle the rest here or transport it to Haldwani to be recycled. Please use minimal plastic, and if possible, carry such items back with you.

Our staff are neighbours from the village. They may not be polished but are gentle and warm hearted.

We know that this is not a five-star experience but hope that your stay is peaceful and inspiring. We apologise for any rough edges or inconveniences.