Quiet Place

Are you looking for inspiration, or a muse? Do you seek silence and calm, both outside and within? Do you relate well with words like off-beat, inspiring, and meditative?

The quiet place is a little orchard on a little ridge away from roads. Every dawn and dusk brings magical colors here, and always touches something deep within. Here you can commune with a part of yourself which is hard to reach elsewhere. The mountains offer that chance of stillness inside you.

We welcome guests looking for the stillness of the mountains. You maybe an writer or a creative person seeking your muse. If you seek a distraction-free place where you can focus on nothing but your work, come. We're both published authors and we built the Quiet Place for people like us. It is the home of deep work. 

The quiet place is all about learning and growing. In addition to being a home to creative people, we host various learning events, mainly in the spring and fall. Many of our events are writing related as part of the Himalayan Writing Retreat. Our other events can be anything - from birdwatching to cheese-making. Reach out if you want to plan something here. 

Food is an important part of inspiration. You can't create great stuff with a bad taste in your mouth. We make sure you are well fed. We grow some of our own food and herbs, and source much locally, supporting local businesses and NGOs (see "About & Around us" below).

We don't believe we own the planet - we're just borrowing it for a while. So we compost our organic waste. We try and keep our consumption of packaged goods to a minimum. Whatever trash we generate, we dispose of responsibly. Water is precious here, and we recycle our water in multiple ways.  Four of our six guest rooms are made of mud, with the smallest carbon footprint possible. We encourage all our guests to use minimal plastic. When you stay with us we request that you also follow a "leave no trace" approach.


About & Around Us

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